Billing itself as an “online dating site for local singles all over the globe,” promises the ability to flirt with others, find naughty singles, and make a connection, whether you’re looking for that someone special, or are committed to playing the field and keeping your options open. Is it really all it’s cracked up to be, though? Is worth your time and money? Let’s take a closer look at what the site is all about.

What Features Does the Site Offer? offers most of the standard features you likely expect from an online dating site. You can create your own profile, upload pictures, and peruse the profiles of other users, as well. You’ll also start receiving direct messages almost as soon as your profile is finished, but you cannot answer those messages until you pay for your membership. The sampling of profiles recommended for you on the welcome screen is a nice touch, though. You’ll also find that your notifications are highlighted at the top of the screen, helping you stay on top of the action.

In addition to the general features we’ve touched on, there are several others that will appeal to you. One of those is “naughty mode”, which allows you to see any of the risqué pictures uploaded by other users. You can go it one better, too, by enabling “no limits” mode. This gives you access to explicit content on the site (generally user-contributed content).

You’ll find a number of themed chat rooms available. These include some of the more vanilla options, but there are some “spicier” choices, too. Naughty But Nice and Kinks and Fetishes are pretty obvious, and there’s even one devoted to people who want to meet in person (appropriately named Meet Me).

The Hot or Not feature is handy, and it can be fun as it focuses on users within your specific geographic area. There’s also the ability to browse profiles invisibly (only available for paying members).

Finally, there’s a Flirt mobile app that works as a companion to the website. It delivers almost all of the website’s functionality but puts it conveniently on your smartphone, without the need to use a web browser.

Is It Difficult to Sign Up?

The signup process is a little more involved than with some other sites, but it goes relatively quickly. There are 12 pages in total, but you can skip any that you don’t feel like completing at the moment and come back to those later. However, it really does pay to go through each page right now.

One of the ones you’ll want to pay attention to involves the number of emails you’ll receive from the site each day. Choose the option that you feel you’ll be able to manage the best without being overwhelmed by special offers and the like. You’ll also find your own controls for naughty mode so you can turn your nudes on or off. Note that if you want to make sure you only receive minimal communication from the site, you’ll need to go to your email settings to adjust those.

Membership Options

When it comes to membership, you can get a basic account at no cost. However, understand that your access to features will be severely limited. Women, on the other hand, can get a fully-functional account at no cost provided they go through an identity verification process first.

For men, the cost of an account is $34.99 per month. However, you can pay for three months at a time and save (total cost is $59.96), or you can save even more by paying for six months of access at once ($95.94). Note that will automatically bill you on the schedule that you set.

Is It Worth Considering?

Ultimately, is a fun dating website that offers quite a few unique features. Combined with the free membership for female users, this makes it an excellent option to check out. While the dating site landscape is becoming more and more crowded, this is one of the better options to consider, particularly if you don’t want to deal with one of the larger sites out there. It has plenty of members, the companion smartphone app is a great addition, and you’ll have a lot of fun flirting and dating.


Site Rating
Hookup chance: 8/10
Active members: 7/10
Member Quality: 7/10
Privacy: 7/10
Site Features: 7/10
Live Chat: 7/10
Mobile friendly: 7/10
Customer Service: 7/10
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