How We Rate and Rank

We are committed to provide our users with what we believe is the applicable information with respect to certain goods, services, brand or products they wish to use. We provide the information in a form that helps our user to easily compare between the various as the Internet contains a great deal of information (e.g., in form of user’s opinions, advertisements, etc.), and it is difficult to know and distinguish which are objective, accurate and true. Thus, we make best efforts to provide our user with the most accurate, comprehensive and complete information available, please note, we do not display or review ALL services available worldwide in a specific category but rather what we believe to be the top brands and providers one thing you can be sure of is that each service or brand we rate, review and place on our list is among the very best currently available online.

To give you a better idea of how we approach reviewing and ranking of the goods and services displayed in our site, we have created this page to introduce you and walk you through the main features we look at and take into consideration. Our goal is to save you time by simplifying and clarifying the features and services, we only present products and services that our reviewers have evaluated as the best examples of their kind. We make every effort to stay up to date by modifying or adding to the list to reflecting applicable changes.

  • User’s Scores – we encourage you and other of our users to rate, comment and share their experiences. The costumer evaluation is taken into consideration when we rate and rank the services.
  • Privacy, Security and Trustworthiness – we believe that security or trustworthiness are most important features and criteria. Therefore, we look into these matters by reviewing the industry reputation, the period of time in which the service is operated, unusual events occurred, customer comments, licensing or permits, operating entities, in-house tracking or recordkeeping, All of the above is taken into consideration when we rank and rate the services.
  • Overall Layout – we believe that, the service or product should provide the user with an easy to use platform and overall great user’s experience. What we consider as “easy to use platform”, includes, among others, the signup process, the ways you can access it, how simple it is to get started, how simple it is to find what you are looking for, etc. Further, we review and take into consideration the “look and feel”, quality of graphics, smooth and fast navigation, etc.
  • Pricing – if applicable, we take it into consideration the services’ pricing by comparing the applicable prices, what does the price include, discounted plans, subscription options, refunds, etc. To clarify, not always will the lowest price be ranked the highest, we take other features in the package into consideration.
  • Unique and Substantial Features – for example, if we review and rank VPN services, we will look into specific features such as multiple servers in locations around the world, speed, etc. If we review and rank dating services we will look into anonymously possibilities, etc.
  • Customer Support – we believe that the services providers should be responsive to the user’s needs, available for any queries and provide with helpful and friendly support. Thus, we take into consideration this feature while ranking the service.
  • Aggregated Data – we will also use our internal, anonymized, aggregated data which gives us statistics on the popularity of a product and how our users feel about a particular brand. We can measure interests by monitoring the number of users who visit the service providers’ website and the conversion rates (i.e., the number of users that actually purchased or registered to the service).
  • Affiliate Fees – to provide our services for free, we receive advertising fees from our partners, these fees are taken into consideration when we rate and rank but are NOT the main criteria.
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