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Just because you are looking for a connection online, it does not mean that you need to look for a long-term relationship. In fact, many people are merely looking for a quick hookup, and Instabang could be just the solution. It’s an adult site that allows people to meet, find someone they like, and then hook up for a casual encounter if they wish.

What Features Does the Site Offer?

This site has been called Instagram for sex, and that might be just the sort of thing you have been hoping to find. You can find a range of features on the site including photos. You can browse more than 50 of the photos at once, and you can then vote on whether you thought they were hot or not. When you say hot, the person will be notified. The site also offers video recordings and webcams. One of the nice things about the site is that you have the option to browse for free. This means you can check out the videos and pictures of people who are on the site before you sign up for a membership. It’s a good way to get a feel for the site and to get an idea of the types of people who frequent it, along with the number or people on the site. Many people like Instabang because the profiles are legitimate, and there is less wading through fake information. Of course, if you want to message the people you find on the site, you will need to join one of the membership levels, which we will discuss below.

Is It Difficult to Sign Up?

Getting started and signing up for the service is easy, just as it should be. When you are getting set up with your basic profile, you will need to include your name, zip code, photo, and a description of yourself. These are all rather standard things for these types of sites.

Membership Options

You will find two levels of membership. You could choose a silver membership, which is currently $24.95 for a month, or $99.95 for a full year of access. They also have a gold membership option that is $34.95 a month, or $119.95 for 18 months of use. This also offers a $1 option for a two-day trial, which might be a good idea for those who are curious about the site but who do not want to commit quite yet. The main difference between the gold and silver membership is that the gold also features protection vs. fraud and a support team.

Is It Worth Considering?

If you are looking for casual sex and you are hoping to find a simple to use, straightforward site, you will like what you find with Instabang. It is easy to get started with the service and many people have found a substantial amount of success with it. Instabang might be exactly what you have been hoping to find.

Site Rating
Hookup chance: 7/10
Active members: 8/10
Member Quality: 8/10
Privacy: 7/10
Site Features: 7/10
Live Chat: 8/10
Mobile friendly: 7/10
Customer Service: 7/10
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