With hundreds of members and loads of great features, is a serious contender for one of the best hook up sites. You’ll never be bored and lonely again!

Also with their 3-month guarantee, if you haven’t found a hook up in 3 months, you could get the next 3 free.

If you are skeptical about the site and need a more in-depth view, take a peak at some of the snippets taken from the site below. This should help you decide if you like the look of it.

You’re already curious, so why the hell not!

How easy is it to sign up?

It literally took me seconds to sign up after answering a few questions.

The last step being the above which they are fairly passionate about but don’t dis this off as silly, remember the key to these sites is discretion and if you have an other-half, you’ll want your hook up to adhere to these rules as much as you will need to.

After pressing the agree button it then asked me to fill in the normal bits for my profile e.g. body type, marital status, ethnicity etc. This just saves a bit of time in the long run and remember to just be truthful as possible.

By default, it will then take you to the upgrade page but you don’t have to do that now and as per the pic below, just press to skip.

The best thing about the sign-up process is that you don’t have to verify your email address straight away and it doesn’t force you to wait. No body likes waiting.


When you open your account, you’re given a very limited free account (silver standard) so you can start the basics. You won’t be able to communicate with members but it will soon give you an idea of how many want to hook up with you, especially as you add pictures and fill it out. After signing up with minimal information, I had 3 members message me and one offered me pics straight away. Use this time to have a look around the site to see if you like the way it’s laid out and if you think it’s the one for you. If you get frustrated with the site, you’ll have less chance of organising a hook up because you’ll just end up hating the site. Priorities!

Paid Membership

This is where you will get access to all areas, including unlimited communication and bonus features like games and videos.

If you are interested in the 3 day trial, just remember you’ll get charge $39.95 per month after that, so it may not be worth even thinking about it. If you are interested in joining the site properly though and have decided it’s the site for you, check out the other 2 subscriptions.

In terms of value, the 6-month term is less per month and 6 months is nothing really, by the time you’ve had a couple of hook ups per month, you’ll be near the end of the term and will have benefitted from the savings. Rather than paying a rolling monthly term because you thought it might not work out for you. In my experience you’ll end up regretting not choosing the 6 months in the first place and end up buying it anyway, costing you more in the long run.

Tip – Always go for the long haul if you are committed to the site.


  • Notifications bar – At the top it shows you an overview of what is going on e.g. how many new messages you have and shortcuts
  • Social scores – these give you an indication of how active and responsive members are, the higher the score the better.
  • Mass messages – Yes, you can send a mass message to all the girls you like to save time
  • Activity centre – Shows you how many IM’s, winks, profile views etc you have

  • Bonus features – Great stuff here like ex-gf porn, xxx adult games etc
  • Life webcams – free live cams for when you want a little show at home
  • Social updates – You can post ‘tweets’ on the site like a status e.g. “Up late, who’s up with me wink wink”
  • Recent activity – Show the girls who have interacted with you recently
  • View pictures – Members often post photos into their galleries… not many with clothes on either

Worth the hassle?

MegaHookUp is a great all in one kind of site. You have access to numerous members and all the tools to flirt with them, while playing some naughty games and watching a live cam or two.

Should you give it a go? If you like the interface and how it works, it’s worth the risk and could easily help you on your way to your next hook up. Don’t be shy either because they absolutely don’t afford you that luxury, just go in guns blazing and be brutally honest about what you came for.


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