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You are looking for some fun, maybe it’s just a gap filler while having a break from relationships, maybe you are traveling and just want some nightly company or maybe it’s just how you roll. Haters gonna hate and all that. This site offers a range of great features as well as the possibility of hook ups left, right and centre – will you keep up?

But, there are hundreds of these sites out there and no real way to know if they are going to work for you. It’s a trial and error thing, my friend.

Have a look at this quick overview to help you make up your mind, it could be the difference between a bang and a fizzle. Nobody likes a dud.

How easy is it to sign up?

Firstly, you must sign up to a free account to gain access to the site, so like it or not, if you want it, you’ve got to. Before you get put off, think that only people worth your time will take their time signing up.

The actual process is quick and painless. It will take you through 5 initial steps, getting to know you and what you like. At this point however, I should say that the website boasts different variations of this and different questions but below are the variations I experienced.

You can imagine loading this page up and thinking ‘Hello!’. That’s a nice easy question to answer to start you off.

Adding your age in, are you obligated to tell the truth? Well you should do really, shouldn’t you? …

After you have finished answer the questions, the site starts to populate them and create your profile. Based on mine, the above was the apparent match number. When I had a look around, there were quite a few from my area so it couldn’t be far wrong.

Boom! After having done this, you’ll now get taken to a page to discuss upgrading your free access to a membership, take a few minutes to get familiar with this page. This is actually really important right now because it actually isn’t necessary to do but if you do decide to upgrade to the free account, make sure this box isn’t ticked unless you want it to be.


This is pretty straight forward, when you sign you, you automatically have a free account. This gives you a pretty good free rain but you need to validate your email address to unlock a couple of things, make sure you use an email address you have access to.

If you didn’t choose to upgrade in the beginning, you can do so at any time. Upgrading to gold is currently free but you’ll need a credit card to verify your age.


By upgrading you’ll receive the above benefits which you can’t access with a free account. A free account will certainly get you started but with the Gold membership being free, you don’t really have any reason not to make the upgrade, right? Just make sure that tick box isn’t ticked.


Yes, there is a VIP membership, what more could you possibly get I hear you say. Well as well as everything from the free and gold memberships, you also have access to 3 trials for different features. One of these being mobile access, so you can access the site on the go. Great for anyone who travels a lot or wants to keep up to date. It will also give you access to the featured profile aspect.

There’s a lot you can get here, I would suggest taking your time to read the different parts properly and think about what you really need. The site recommends at least upgrading to gold as those members have more luck getting laid, is it true? Well just think about the fact that these members have more features to use and automatically have the upper hand over you. I’m sure you are confident in your wit and charm though.


  • Free xxx videos for you to watch, different categories and rated by users
  • Photo section for you to browse through on profiles and videos too
  • A wall for members to leave messages, these messages though are pre-selected for quickness as below –

  •   Send various communications as well as instant messages and winks

  • Mailbox and activities are shown on a side bar, so you can see things at face value without having to click to another page
  • Send mass messages – Don’t have time to see someone out? You can simply tick the boxes of the girls you like and send them ALL a message at once.
  • A search function on the top tool bar allows you to choose criteria to search by
  • Games! You can choose from 9 different games to help keep you occupied while arranging your hook up –

  • Free Live Webcams
  • Bonus extra features, available when you verify your email address
  • Email support and contact form if you have any issues with your account

Worth the hassle?

The real question is, how much free stuff can you stand before it isn’t worth the hassle? I think you’ll agree it isn’t going to be a hassle, ever, at this rate!

Value for money? Definitely! I haven’t seen this much free stuff and naked women before in one site. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, there’s a lot for you to explore and having these features in one site, means less hauling around.

As for the hook up aspects of it, there’s certainly potential there. You could probably meet someone near to you or further away depending on you play the game but remember it doesn’t always happen quickly and like with most things requires patience – good job you have those fun games to play in the meantime.

Site Rating
Hookup chance: 7/10
Active members: 8/10
Member Quality: 8/10
Privacy: 6/10
Site Features: 9/10
Live Chat: 7/10
Mobile friendly: 6/10
Customer Service: 7/10
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